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Quilt Preparation


Quilt top 

If you are planning on using buttons or other embellishments it is best to add them after the quilt is quilting. Some appliques are okay to add, but not all appliques can be quilted through. Make sure to clip all threads especially dark threads that may show through lighter fabric.  Please make sure there are no holes in any seams or any pins in the quilt top. 

The backing & batting 

It is very important to make your backing and batting are bigger than your quilt top. Please make sure it is as close to 4" bigger on each side as possible for both batting and backing. 

Click here to see an example to help you. 

*It is very important to note on your intake form if there is a specific way you would like the backing to line up with your quilt top.  It is helpful to pin a note to the quilt top and backing, showing which sides are the north.  

* Please square up your backing so it can be pinned on straight.


*Please DO NOT baste your quilt.  We have a specific way we have to pin the quilt on and are unable to guarantee the integrity of the quilting if it is basted first. 

Drop off or Shipping

Submit a request before you drop your quilt off.  It makes the process a little easier for me.  If you are unsure of design or batting, you can discuss them when you drop off.  Based on these specifications, exact pricing will be determined. You can estimate the cost of your quilt using our pricing page.  If you have any special concerns or requests feel free to call or e-mail



Choosing a pattern can sometimes be the most difficult part of the process.  If you are unsure and need help designing your quilt, please feel free to email or text me.  I am always happy to help!  You can also write "quilters choice" on the order form and just tell me what price range to stay in.  Please note that if you would like your quilting design to go a specific direction on the quilt, please pin a note to the north.  Click here for an example.  

Pick up

As soon as your quilt is finished, I will contact you and arrange pickup. If shipping, I will email you an invoice and payment arrangements made.  


Please be aware that the quality of your quilting is directly related to the quality and integrity of the quilt top and back. We know that no quilt is perfect and we always do our best with each quilt. We promise to try to make any flaws as inconspicuous as possible.  Please know that we cannot be held responsible for problems that arise from: holes in seams, thick points, dark threads that may show through, fullness in the border and/or quilt, or any other problems that arise outside of our control.  We love our pets!  Our Bulldog is not allowed in our quilting studio, but transference can happen. If you have SEVERE ALLERGIES to pet hair we might not be the quilter for you.  



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